Oracle Primavera P6 Cloud Vs Traditional Project Management

Discover the differences that Oracle Primavera P6 Cloud offers over traditional project management.

The state of the project management landscape in 2024

As construction project teams grapple with modern challenges in project management, they can no longer rely on traditional project management approaches.

That’s why in recent years, it has become a trend among construction firms to migrate from traditional project management practices and implement cloud-based project management software like Primavera P6 Cloud in their construction project workflows. A PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) research revealed that commercially accessible project management software enhances project performance and stakeholder satisfaction.

Further research also revealed that 66% of companies that incorporated project management software into their workflows managed to complete their projects under budget.

So the question then is, “How does project management software differ from traditional project management methods?” and “How can it benefit project teams?”

Primavera P6 Cloud vs traditional project management: What’s the difference

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Accessibility and collaboration

P6 Cloud by Oracle offers greater accessibility and collaboration capabilities than traditional project methods. With cloud-based software, project stakeholders can access project data from anywhere with an internet connection and collaborate in real time. On the other hand, traditional methods may rely on physical documentation and face-to-face meetings, limiting accessibility and collaboration.

Scalability and flexibility

P6 Cloud empowers construction firms with the capacity to effortlessly adjust resource allocation in response to project fluctuations and rapidly accommodate requirements that need changes or additions. In contrast, conventional project methodologies often rely on labour-intensive workflows and rigid frameworks, impeding responsiveness to shifting project dynamics and accommodating changes at a slower pace.

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Data integration and analysis

Data integration and analysis capabilities are significantly enhanced with P6 Cloud. Construction firms benefit from robust data integration, allowing them to aggregate project data from diverse sources into a unified platform for informed decision-making. In contrast, traditional methods lack a centralised system, often relying on manual data entry, which prolongs the integration and analysis process.

Cost and time savings

P6 Cloud can lead to significant cost and time savings compared to traditional construction project management approaches. By streamlining processes and enabling better decision-making, P6 Cloud helps construction firms deliver projects more effectively and efficiently. Traditional project methods may also be more time-consuming and prone to errors, incurring higher costs and experiencing project delays.

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How does P6 Cloud address unforeseen risks in construction project management compared to traditional methods?

Oracle Primavera P6 Cloud provides real-time visibility into project progress and facilitates proactive risk management, helping construction firms mitigate unforeseen risks such as unfavourable site or weather conditions and sudden changes requested by clients more effectively.

Can P6 Cloud help construction firms manage complex project portfolios more efficiently?

Yes, P6 Cloud offers robust project management capabilities that enable construction firms to manage complex project portfolios seamlessly, ensuring optimal project outcomes while streamlining project management processes.

What support does Compass Consult offer to construction project teams implementing P6 Cloud?

Compass Consult provides expert Oracle Primavera Cloud software implementation services, expert project management consultation and training to enhance construction project management capabilities and ensure optimal outcomes.

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