Project management in construction: Common mistakes and solutions

Explore several common mistakes that project teams make in construction projects and how to overcome them.

Project management in construction: Why finding solutions to mistakes is important

Before executing a construction project, a project manager will work alongside their team members to carefully assess potential risks to their project and how to execute them seamlessly. Despite their best efforts, it is not uncommon for project teams to be susceptible to common construction project mistakes.

These mistakes occasionally stem from overlooking potential risks. However, project teams may also find themselves running behind schedule or exceeding their allocated budget due to extraneous factors such as weather conditions or sudden changes requested by their client. Knowing how to navigate common problems that could lead to pitfalls is important to ensure that project deliverables are met within the agreed deadlines and allocated budget.

If you find your project team repeatedly making common mistakes in your construction projects, this guide will help you overcome them by following these solutions to common project mistakes.

Project management in construction: Common mistakes and solutions

Unclear project scope

Unclear project scope

To execute a smoothly running construction project seamlessly with precision, project managers need to clearly define the project vision for their team members. A poorly defined project vision could cause the project team to face constant change orders and delays. To resolve this, project managers should collaborate with stakeholders to create a detailed scope of work (SOW) outlining deliverables and expectations.

Inaccurate cost estimates

As project teams need to stick to their allocated budget, they need to be precise about cost estimations when executing deliverables. Underestimating costs could lead to budget shortfalls, which could stall a project. To mitigate this issue, project managers should lead in the efforts to conduct thorough cost analyses, and this includes factoring in labour costs, project materials, and potential risks.

Inaccurate cost estimates
Poor change management

Poor change management

It is not uncommon for clients of a construction project to request sudden or last-minute changes to an existing project. However, project managers who are not careful with managing scope creep could lead their team into facing budget overruns and exceeding deadlines. To resolve this, project teams should have a formal change order process that clearly outlines approval procedures and impact assessments.

risk management

Inadequate risk management

Every construction project has risks. How well a project team can detect these risks early on, and implement measures to mitigate them can help them avoid budget overruns, unsatisfied clients, and missed project deadlines. Overlooking risks could derail progress. To mitigate these risks, project teams should identify potential risks, develop mitigation plans, and continuously monitor project progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to project management in construction, which software should I go for?

The software you should go for will depend on your project size, budget, and complexity. A popular choice among construction businesses is Primavera P6 by Oracle.

How can I improve communication when handling project management in the construction industry?

Establish clear communication protocols by holding regular meetings and using a centralised platform such as project management software for stakeholders to obtain project information. This ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to construction project progress.

What are some strategies for mitigating risks in construction projects?

Identifying risks proactively requires a combination of past project issues as well as brainstorming with project teams and other stakeholders. As a project manager, you should ideally develop mitigation plans for potential risks, and regularly monitor project progress to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

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