It’s time to leave the uncertainty of missed deadlines and inflated budgets behind and invest in the AI-powered future of construction project management.

ConstructMind is the latest innovation from Compass Consult and is designed to revolutionise how the construction industry operates using the power of AI. From precise generative scheduling to overviews of project resources and accurate budget estimations, ConstructMind isn’t just another AI tool—it’s your project’s partner.


What is ConstructMind?

ConstructMind is a revolutionary AI tool designed to optimise construction project management.

  • ConstructMind is your Central Project Intelligence Hub.
  • It integrates with your project management tools and databases.
  • AI-generated insights tailored specifically to your business.
What is ConstructMind

How does AI help streamline project management?

Generative Scheduling

ConstructMind integrates AI with machine learning capabilities to predict and optimise project outcomes based on leveraging past project data

Uses the “Lessons Learnt”

Rather than making the same mistakes repeatedly in your projects, this AI tool highlights these mistakes under the “lessons learnt” feature.

scope creep risks

Manages scope creep risks

Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances impact the flow of a project. ConstructMind uses predictive algorithms to avoid scope creep risks.

Enables intelligent scheduling

Your time is currency. Spend it acting on insights, not dredging through data—instant reports, instantaneous clarity.

actionable insights

Provides actionable insights

AI provides users with data-driven insights enabled by advanced analytics that can help improve decision making to optimise project outcomes.

ConstructMind: Redefining Project Management Excellence

Welcome to a new era of project intelligence. Empower your experts, accelerate growth, and transform your projects with precision planning and cost savings with ConstructMind.

Optimised resource allocation

Empower your experts. ConstructMind automates the routine, freeing up your seasoned planners and engineers for the complex challenges that truly need their touch.

Swift delivery cycles

Fast-track to successful delivery. Quicker completion isn’t just possible, it’s the new norm with ConstructMind leading to more opportunities and growth.

Precision planning

Minimising missteps, ConstructMind brings a new level of intelligence to your projects significantly reducing errors and the costs that come with them.