Oracle Primavera Cloud vs P6: Key Features And Functionalities

Discover the differences between Oracle Primavera Cloud and other versions of Primavera P6 for informed decision-making.

Why you should consider Oracle Primavera Cloud over other P6 versions

Construction project management can be daunting, as project teams have to navigate many roadblocks and unexpected challenges. These challenges vary from coordinating between multiple stakeholders to managing budgets and deadlines. In this ever-changing environment, project teams are looking for a sustainable solution that can optimise their workflow, improve collaboration, and give real-time updates on project progress and performance.

In order to guide a construction company through the complexities of project management, there are a wide range of project management systems they can use. One of the applications that has been gaining popularity in recent years is Oracle Primavera Cloud. This cloud-based platform, which is a relatively new version of Primavera P6, not only provides a comprehensive range of features but also ensures that the specific requirements of construction project management are completely satisfied.

The choice between Oracle Primavera Cloud and other P6 versions might just be the deciding factor when it comes to a project team's speed, decision-making efficiency, and overall handling of project management requirements in a fast-paced and dynamic business environment.

Oracle Primavera Cloud vs other P6 software versions: Key features and functionalities



Oracle Primavera Cloud is cloud-based, which means that it is accessible from any device with an internet connection. P6 Professional is a desktop application, and it requires installation on each user's computer. P6 Enterprise is a server-based application, which means that it requires installation on a server and user machines.


When it comes to Oracle Primavera Cloud vs P6, the former requires the user to purchase on a subscription-based pricing model. This will typically be lower in cost per user compared to P6 versions. P6 Professional and P6 Enterprise operate on a perpetual licence pricing, which may be costly upfront, especially for large teams.



P6 Professional offers core functionalities for project scheduling, resource management, and cost control. P6 Enterprise provides additional features to P6 Professional such as earned value management and portfolio management while Oracle Primavera Cloud provides additional features such as lean scheduling and risk management.


Another valuable consideration when it comes to Oracle Primavera Cloud vs P6 is their scalability. Oracle Primavera Cloud is highly scalable, and designed for on-demand growth with no hardware limitations or IT staff for server upgrades. P6 Professional and P6 Enterprise are reliant on physical hardware and need manual intervention.


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When evaluating Oracle Primavera Cloud vs P6 versions, what is the biggest difference?

Oracle Primavera Cloud is cloud-based and accessible from any device. P6 versions (Professional and Enterprise) are on-premise software requiring installation on user machines or servers.

Oracle Primavera Cloud vs P6: Is there a free trial offered for all these software versions?

Yes, Oracle typically offers a free trial period for Oracle Primavera Cloud and other P6 versions. This allows you to explore the platform's features and functionality before committing to a subscription plan.

Who should consider using Oracle Primavera Cloud?

Oracle Primavera Cloud is ideal for organisations seeking a collaborative, scalable, and potentially cost-effective project management solution. It's well-suited for teams with remote workers or those who value easy accessibility.

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