Effective strategies for cost and time control in construction projects

Keep your projects on track to meet deadlines and within the allotted budget with these useful tips.

Why cost and time control in construction projects are important

The construction industry is rife with challenges, and managing these complexities are important to ensure on-time delivery of projects, and to keep them within budget.

A study by the University of Arizona found that, on average, 72% of construction projects are delayed, with a 38% increase in the original contracted duration. This also leads to 63% of construction projects experiencing cost overruns, with a 24% increase in overall project costs from the initial contracted estimation.

Project delays and cost overruns can have undesirable consequences for the overall project outcomes, which include incurring penalties, disruptions to labor schedules, and conflicts in client relationships. Conversely, effective cost and time control strategies ensure projects stay on budget and achieve timely completion.

Let’s explore four effective strategies for cost and time control in construction projects.

Effective strategies for cost and time control in construction projects

Implementing effective change management

Implementing effective change management

Implementing an effective change management order process is crucial to ensuring that you can stick with the original deadlines and budget requirements of a project. By establishing a structured approach to managing client requests, you can ensure that the impact and budget on schedule are meticulously evaluated and approved before implementation. This helps prevent project delays, scope creep, and conflicts, enabling better project management.

Providing comprehensive planning and scheduling

Creating a comprehensive project plan and schedule enables you to look at the entire project pipeline. This enables you to plan the estimated time of completion more wisely and implement cost control measures more effectively. By developing a detailed schedule that encompasses all tasks, dependencies, and resource requirements, you can optimize workflow, identify critical milestones, and allocate resources efficiently. These steps boost the project’s outcomes.

planning and scheduling

Ensuring accurate cost estimation

To ensure that your project team is able to stay within budget, estimating costs for all tasks needs to be done collectively and with precision. By conducting thorough and detailed cost estimations during the project planning phase, you can establish a realistic budget and financial baseline. Your team should factor in prices for materials, labor costs, and potential risks. This helps to keep the project within budget and avoid sudden cost surprises.

cost estimation

Investing in project management software

Investing in advanced project management software, such as Oracle Primavera P6, can significantly enhance cost and time control efforts in construction projects. By leveraging technology to centralize project data, track progress, and monitor costs in real time, you can gain valuable insights into project performance, identify potential issues early, and make data-driven decisions to optimize resources and schedules, as well as boost project efficiency.

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Ensure on-time completion of projects and stay within budget with Compass Consult

Construction projects often face the risk of delays, which can result in project teams exceeding their allocated budget.

At Compass Consult, we’re dedicated to assisting project teams in managing their costs to optimize project outcomes. Through meticulous planning, execution, and strategic management at every stage of a project, we ensure a seamless project lifecycle and stakeholder satisfaction with the final outcome.

Our sophisticated construction project management software, coupled with our team of expert consultants, is designed with your best interests in mind. We’re here to help you manage your construction projects seamlessly.

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What role does risk management play in the cost and time control in construction projects?

They play a crucial role in proactive risk identification, assessment, and mitigation strategies that help anticipate and address potential issues that could impact project costs and schedules, enabling better control and on-time completion.

How does investing in project management software aid in cost and time control?

Advanced software like Oracle Primavera P6 centralizes project data, tracks progress, and monitors costs in real time, enabling proactive decision-making and resource optimization.

What are the consequences of project delays and cost overruns in construction?

Delays and overruns lead to penalties, labor disruptions, and conflicts, impacting project outcomes negatively. 

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