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June 29

What you should know about patching and upgrading P6 in 2023

Oracle has continuously worked on developing new versions of Primavera P6 tools to enhance the user experience and introduce new functionalities. The current version of P6 EPPM is 23. However, as of today, we recommend version 22 as it is a highly stable version that incorporates all the latest features.


How to identify your current version of Primavera P6

A version of P6 is composed of three parts. The first two digits indicate the major version, the following two letters indicate the minor version and the last letters indicate the patch number. Here’s an example:

You can find the version information in the help section or at the bottom right corner of the login screen of P6. In the provided example, 21 represents the major version, 12 is the minor version, and the remaining letters indicate the highest applied patch.


How to upgrade your Primavera P6 version

A major version upgrade involves several tasks, including:

    1. Installing or upgrading Java versions.

    1. Installing or upgrading the Web server (Weblogic) version.

    1. Installing the new Primavera P6 software.

    1. Upgrading the database.

    1. Transferring data from the old version to the new version.

A minor version upgrade can be performed by upgrading the Primavera P6 deployment and restarting the application.


How to apply patch updates to your Primavera P6 version?

Patch applications are carried out to address security requirements and resolve bugs. They are typically applied with minimal or no downtime.
Oracle releases Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) every quarter, which include security updates and bug resolutions. To receive these updates, please subscribe to Oracle Critical Patch newsletters.
As consultants, we thoroughly review upgrade information before applying any patch updates to user applications.
If you would like to understand the differences in functionality between each major version, please refer to the following link:


For the April version of critical patch updates this year, please visit the following link:



Get professional help for upgrading your Primavera P6 version

We understand that these technical documents can be complex for users. If you require further explanation or assistance, we recommend contacting us. With our years of experience in handling upgrades and patching, we can provide guidance and support. Additionally, we have numerous customers using different versions of P6, allowing us to recommend a stable version for your needs.

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