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July 26

Why do you need to invest in professional Primavera P6 support services?

Primavera P6 Support services are a very important aspect of P6 implementation for our clients. A P6 deployment typically consists of the following software/tools hosted in a virtual or physical hardware server:

    • P6 EPPM application

    • Weblogic web server

    • OHS as HTTP server

    • Java

    • P6 Professional Desktop application

    • Database & Related service applications

Overall, Primavera P6 is a complicated structure having multiple components which require specific skill sets for installation and maintenance. To understand the benefits of Professional Primavera P6 Support, let’s take a look at the services offered under this support.

What are the types of Primavera P6 support services and what do they offer?

Support can be divided into two major parts: Technical Hardware Support & Functional Support. Details of each are as follows:

Technical Hardware Support consists of:

    • Maintenance of Virtual Server, Disk space and process management

    • OS maintenance, Windows updates, Firewall & Antivirus updates

    • Java updates

    • P6 Application patch updates

    •  Weblogic Patch updates

    •  HTTP server patch updates

    •  Database patch updates

    • Server Error management

    • Database user management

    • P6 Professional updates

    • Critical Patch updates

    • Database backups & restoration

While Functional Support consists of:

    • Primavera P6 user rights management

    • Profile management

    • Functional Suggestions

    • Bug management

    • SR management with Oracle

    • Helping users with other functional needs & suggestions if required

How can Primavera P6 support services help you save time, money, and hassle?

The above packages ensure that clients do not have to face the hassle of maintaining the application by themselves and nor will functional users have to worry about getting stuck with a technical bug or any functional requirements.

Oracle has been constantly developing new versions of Primavera P6 tools that offer constant improvements in user experience and bring new functionality to the table. Oracle also releases critical patch updates every quarter with all security updates and bug resolution. 

Investing in P6 Support enables the customer to stay updated with the latest critical patches. Additionally, Compass Consult has a robust and dedicated technical team for functional support who have years of experience in working as planners and support engineers.

Also, the fractional cost for support ensures against massive loss of project cost in terms of downtime and loss of data in the event of a technical or functional failure. 

Work with a trusted Oracle Primavera solution provider to professional Primavera P6 services

Primavera P6 is a powerful project management software that requires professional services to handle its technical and functional aspects. Compass Consult is a trusted Oracle Primavera solution provider that can offer you the best Primavera P6 support services. We help you with installation, maintenance, updates, backups, user management, bug resolution, and more. 

So, if you’re in need of Primavera P6 support services, get in touch with the Compass Consult team today.


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