What determines the Primavera P6 standalone price?

Learn about the various factors that determine Primavera P6 standalone price.

Why is it important to consider the Primavera P6 standalone price?

The Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM standalone software is a widely used project management tool across various industries, including construction. The standalone version of Primavera P6 refers to the software installed and operated on a local server or individual computers, as opposed to being cloud-based.

Known for its robust project management capabilities, Primavera P6 aids project managers in effectively planning, managing, and executing complex projects. It enhances project scheduling, resource management, cost control, and risk analysis.

The standalone version of Primavera P6 is scalable and facilitates easier documentation. This ensures that businesses only need to subscribe to the features they require, keeping all project stakeholders updated on the latest project developments.

That said, how much do businesses need to invest to implement the standalone version of Primavera P6? What factors influence standalone Primavera P6 pricing? Let’s explore this in more detail

Factors that affect Primavera P6 standalone price

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Functionality and modules

For smaller-scale construction projects, project managers don’t need to spend a significant amount of money on features. However, the features that a project manager chooses to include in their package will affect the pricing of the software they subscribe to. Specific modules, features, or add-ons will influence the overall costs.

Number of users with access

Simply put, the more users a project manager grants access to the project management software, the higher the subscription fees. Licensing costs may also increase with the number of concurrent or named users. Besides project managers, a few key individuals involved in a construction project may gain access to the software.

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Support and maintenance

Oracle-certified partners typically provide support services. They may assist project teams with installing updates, upgrading patches, and providing technical assistance. The cost of support and maintenance is usually calculated as a percentage of the software’s licence cost. More support and maintenance equates to higher costs

Price negotiations

Prices for enterprise software are often negotiable. This is especially true for large-scale deployments. Project managers should engage in negotiations with Oracle or other authorised resellers. This can lead to more favourable terms and discounts on specific features embedded within the Primavera P6 standalone software.

Ensure cost control

Invest in Oracle Primavera P6 standalone to optimise project outcomes

In today’s competitive business environment, technology is pivotal in reducing costs and saving a project team’s time and effort. This can be achieved while also maximising the outcome of a construction project.

At Compass Consult, we are committed to helping construction companies streamline their project management processes using the latest technologies and solutions like Oracle Primavera.

We also offer expert-led training to assist project teams in ensuring project success and maximising returns. Speak to our team of experts today and discover how our consulting services can help you enhance project success rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial or demo version of Primavera P6 standalone software before buying?

Users may inquire with an Oracle-certified partner or software provider about the availability of a trial or demo version of this software to evaluate the effectiveness of this software. If satisfied, they may choose to proceed with buying or subscribing.

Is the Primavera P6 standalone version customisable and scalable?

Yes, Primavera P6 software can be adjusted to meet different business requirements. How much a business is charged for this software version is dependent on the features they choose to include in their subscription.

Is there a pricing difference with Primavera P6 standalone software based on geographical regions or industries?

Yes, there are notable differences in Primavera P6 pricing. These differences are based on the country or the industry of the users who implement this software in their everyday operations.

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