Gain better visibility into project performance with project lifecycle management software

Discover how investing in project lifecycle management software can facilitate better decision-making to boost construction project outcomes.

When it comes to executing construction projects, many project teams face various challenges in achieving expected project milestones and performance levels.  

According to the 2023 Global Construction Survey by KPMG, 87% of respondents stated that project performance is a continuous issue in construction projects. Further survey findings revealed that only 50% of project managers were meeting completion deadlines and 37% of respondents missed budget or scheduled performance targets due to lack of effective risk management.

Delays in construction projects can also be caused by unforeseen circumstances and external factors, such as site conditions, unpredictable weather, and sudden requests from clients to change project requirements.  On top of this, communication breakdowns from project team members to stakeholders, further exacerbate these issues.

This is where project lifecycle management software emerges as a powerful solution. By functioning as a central hub for real-time data on tasks, budgets, and materials, this software empowers teams to proactively manage project challenges.

Let’s explore the role of project lifecycle management software in providing better visibility into construction project software.

How project lifecycle management (PLM) software provides better visibility into project performance

Centralised data repository

Centralised data repository

Imagine a single, organised location for all of your project information. PLM software eliminates the need to chase down scattered documents and data, acting as a central repository. This unified view streamlines access to project progress, budgets, and resource allocation, keeping everyone informed and on the same page.

Real-time dashboards and reporting

PLM software empowers project managers with dynamic dashboards that update in real time, which is a huge upgrade from static reports. These customisable dashboards provide instant visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as budget variance and task completion rates, which enables immediate course correction.

Alignment with your business goals
Enhanced collaboration and communication

Enhanced collaboration and communication

PLM software helps to break down communication silos and foster a collaborative environment. The software facilitates seamless communication between team members with functionalities such as file sharing, task updates, and discussions. This ensures that every project member gains real-time visibility into project progress.

Performance analytics and reporting

PLM software goes beyond simple reporting. It generates comprehensive reports that delve deep into various aspects of a project. These reports identify trends, highlight areas for improvement, and provide valuable insights that can be applied to future projects. This leads to better decision-making for long-term success.

Performance analytics and reporting

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Is PLM software expensive?

PLM software pricing varies depending on the features, number of users, and the specific needs of your project. However, the cost savings achieved through improved project efficiency, reduced rework, and better resource allocation can outweigh the initial investment.

Is PLM software difficult to learn and use?

Modern PLM software is designed with user-friendly interfaces and typically offers comprehensive training resources. Compass Consult also provides expert-led training to ensure your team can leverage the software effectively.

Is PLM software suitable for small construction projects?

PLM software offers scalability, making it suitable for projects of all sizes. Scalable solutions allow you to customise features and functionality based on project complexity.

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