Why should you work with a project controls consultant?

Discover how to leverage construction project outcomes by collaborating with a project controls consultant.

How can a project controls consultant help you?

When it comes to project management, a staggering 98% of construction projects experience cost overruns of 80% higher than their originally budgeted values and delays of 20 months or longer. While these figures may seem astonishing, it is avoidable if project controllers take timely corrective actions and preventive measures. 

Keeping within the allocated project budget or meeting set deadlines of a construction project can be challenging, but not impossible. This is why project controllers should enlist the help of expert consultants specialised in project controls. 

Due to their expertise, knowledge and understanding of best practices in project controls, they can help project teams navigate and overcome the challenges of construction projects systematically. So, how exactly can these consultants help project teams? Let’s explore this in greater detail below.

The importance of working with a project controls consultant

Enhanced schedule planning

Conflict management and resolution

There may be unforeseen circumstances that may affect the project timeline or cause the project to overrun costs. The extended deadline and increase in project costs may be a point of contention for clients, who may resort to taking legal action. To avoid this from happening, these experts have connections to legal representatives to mitigate conflict between the parties involved.

Risk identification and mitigation

Construction projects typically have their fair share of risks and challenges, which project teams detect, mitigate and resolve early on with the help of consultants who have expertise in project controlling. As prevention is better than cure, this form of risk management is helpful in avoiding project delays, cost overruns, and potential legal battles involving their client.

Risk identification

Change management and leadership

There may be many external factors such as unsafe site conditions or changes in weather which could stall and delay project completion. When these situations occur projects deviate from the intended project plan–consultants can manage and document these changes. Their contingency plans help to minimise further disruptions, boost productivity, and decrease potential cost overruns.

Onboarding and ongoing support

While consultants may not always be there to guide project team members, they can impart valuable knowledge and teach the ropes to project management that can transform the way teams function in future projects. They can provide training, transfer knowledge to in-house project teams, and improve the project management capabilities of their clients for more optimal project outcomes. 

The course content

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In construction projects, project controllers bear the heavy responsibility of ensuring that projects do not overrun their planned budgets and that each stage of the project is completed on time. This can put a strain on project controllers who may not have the flexibility nor expertise to juggle multiple projects concurrently.
At Compass Consult, we are committed to helping project controllers navigate the challenges of project controls strategically and systematically. With our sophisticated construction project management software, expert consultants, and your best interest at heart, we can help you achieve better project outcomes regardless of how complex your construction project is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do consultants specialised in project controls typically provide?

Project planning, cost estimating, schedule management, risk management, budgeting, change management, quality assurance, reporting, and compliance monitoring.

How do I pick the right consultant that is specialised in project controls?

You should assess their experience, industry experience, track record, references, and their ability to customise their services to cater to your project needs.

How long do project control consultants engage a project team?

This can vary based on the project size and complexity – which can work on a short-term or long-term basis depending on how much support is needed.

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