Leveraging the expertise of professionals in programme management in construction

Discover how programme management experts can help manage a portfolio of construction projects efficiently.

The importance of programme management in construction

Managing multiple projects simultaneously can be an overwhelming and challenging task for project managers and others involved in these initiatives. Ensuring that all construction projects are being executed according to plan is no easy feat, especially as many external factors can affect project timelines and costs. 

Issues such as cross-project integrations, conflicting stakeholder interests, fluctuating market conditions, and even hazardous on-site conditions could force one construction project to be held back or grind to a halt. This could have a trickle-down effect on other construction projects, leaving project teams in limbo and causing friction between themselves and the clients they serve. 

This is why construction companies should turn to experts in construction programme management. Enlisting the help of skilled and competent construction programme management experts can help minimise missed deadlines, cost overruns, potential for legal action from unsatisfied clients or other risks.

Why work with experts in programme management in construction?

Experiential learning opportunities

The ability to deal with projects of varying complexity and scale

Construction programme management specialists are skilled in helping project teams plan, execute, and manage multiple construction projects concurrently, regardless of the complexities and scale of these projects. Some projects may have numerous interconnected elements, which require extra expertise to navigate around them.

The ability to resolve disputes between project teams and stakeholders

Construction projects often involve multiple stakeholders, including clients, subcontractors, regulatory bodies, and even the public. There may be contentious disagreements between these parties, which could likely resort to legal disputes. Construction programme management experts help mitigate or resolve these conflicts.

project teams and stakeholders
Early identification of issues

The ability to allocate resources strategically

Experts in construction programme management ensure the proper allocation of manpower, equipment, and project materials to assure on-time completion, total quality management and spending within planned budgets set for several construction projects. This ensures the right resources are available when needed and prevents bottlenecks.

The ability to manage requirement changes tactfully

There are many construction projects that undergo project delays which also result in cost overruns due to sudden changes by the client on the design and materials or other factors like weather conditions. Construction programme management experts assess, approve, and implement these changes tactfully to prevent further disruptions.

requirement changes

Collaborate with Compass Consult for better project outcomes

Handling multiple construction projects concurrently is no easy feat. One project delay could affect successive construction projects, which can result in growing dissatisfaction among clients and other stakeholders toward a project management team.

At Compass Consult, we are committed to helping project teams manage their portfolio of construction projects to optimise their project outcomes. Through proper planning, execution, and strategic management at every stage of a project and for every project, we will ensure that the entire project lifecycle is carried out seamlessly and that every stakeholder is satisfied with the final outcome.

With our sophisticated construction project management software, expert consultants, and your best interest at heart, we can help you manage your construction projects seamlessly, regardless of how complex your portfolio of construction projects is.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between project management and programme management in construction?

Project management is concerned with just one individual construction project, whereas programme management refers to managing a portfolio of construction projects.

What are the best practices of programme management in construction?

This includes clear goal setting, risk assessment, stakeholder management, aligning with client expectations, encouraging transparency in communication, continuous monitoring and reporting, and maintaining proper documentation.

How can programme management be done more effectively?

This includes:

  • Hiring an experienced project manager or project leader
  • Investing in the right technology or tools
  • Enhancing collaboration and teamwork between project stakeholders
  • Providing onboarding, training, and ongoing support from Oracle-certified partners

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