The financial benefits of Oracle Primavera Cloud vs. P6

Discover if Primavera Cloud is a more financially viable investment than other P6 versions.

Why opting for Oracle Primavera Cloud is a smart investment choice

According to research by KPMG in 2020, growing complexities in construction projects over the past decade have been a concern for project managers. To manage these challenges, many project managers have turned to project management software to simplify and streamline many aspects of their project requirements. Oracle Primavera P6 remains a popular choice among construction companies in this field.

However, since its inception in 2017, Oracle Primavera Cloud has proven to be a suitable alternative in the Oracle product lineup for businesses looking for cost-effective project management solutions and convenient features to optimise construction project outcomes.

While P6 Professional and P6 EPPM still occupy a high market share in the construction project management space, this does not mean that you should rule out Oracle Primavera Cloud to meet your project management needs and requirements.

If you’re a project manager looking to reap the benefits of incorporating cost-effective cloud-based project management tools into your project workflows, let’s explore the financial benefits of turning to Oracle Primavera Cloud instead of P6.

The financial benefits of opting for Oracle Primavera Cloud vs. P6

Better cost and schedule control

Lower costs

Oracle Primavera Cloud (OPC) offers a more cost-effective solution than P6 Professional or P6 EPPM. A base subscription to acquire a new Primavera P6 licence can cost up to three times less than for P6 platforms. OPC is also suitable for smaller to medium-sized construction needs that require a robust project management solution. With an upfront cost starting at $211 per user, it is significantly lower than both P6 Professional and P6 EPPM.

Modular subscription model

OPC is scalable, which means that construction companies only select and pay for the modules that are essential to their operations. This includes scheduling, task management, and progress tracking. It is also flexible, offering a collection of modules that can be customised to manage the varying sizes and complexities of a construction project. The agility of OPC ensures project teams remain competitive in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Modular subscription model
Faster delivery and improved efficiency

Faster delivery and improved efficiency

OPC enhances collaboration between team members and stakeholders, providing real-time visibility into project updates, data, and insights. This keeps everyone on the same page for quicker decision-making. This platform also optimises critical project processes by storing data on a centralised platform. This helps to save time and costs, helps teams meet deadlines quicker, delivers projects within budget, and ensures satisfied clients.

Reduced installation and maintenance costs

OPC eliminates traditional installation fees, shifting the responsibility to the provider. This reduces upfront capital expenditures, freeing construction companies from managing on-premises servers and databases. With OPC, companies can redirect overhead costs towards strategic initiatives, innovation, and core business activities, optimising resources and fostering growth. This boosts their chances for long-term project success and sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should construction companies transition to OPC?

Oracle Primavera Cloud offers a cost-effective, cloud-based solution with enhanced collaboration, streamlined operations, and the flexibility to adapt to evolving project needs, ensuring project success and sustainability.

What sets OPC apart from P6 in terms of project management capabilities?

OPC provides a comprehensive, cloud-based solution with enhanced collaboration, streamlined operations, and the flexibility to adapt to evolving project needs, ensuring project success and sustainability.

My company plans on transitioning from P6 to Oracle Primavera Cloud. What kind of support and training options can we get?

Some providers offer comprehensive support services, including training programmes, user guides, and dedicated customer support, to assist users in transitioning to OPC smoothly. Additionally, users can access online resources, webinars, and community forums for ongoing assistance and knowledge sharing.

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