Differences in Primavera P6 cloud price and the local variant price

Gain more insights about whether you should choose the local or cloud variant of Primavera P6.

Why Primavera P6 cloud is the better option in 2023 and beyond

Are you asking yourself “Should project managers stick with the on-premise, local variant of Primavera P6 or switch over completely to the cloud version of Primavera P6?”

The answer is simple. With the various benefits it brings, investing in the cloud version of Primavera P6 is a cost-efficient approach to counter the hefty costs associated with implementing and maintaining an on-premise solution.

That said, if project managers are considering making a switch to the cloud version of Primavera P6, there are some factors that businesses should explore, including Primavera P6 Cloud’s price.

Important factors that influence Primavera P6 cloud price

data storage and bandwidth

Data storage and bandwidth

Before investing in the cloud version of Primavera P6 software, organisations need to consider their data usage patterns. This is because some cloud-based solutions of this software may charge based on the amount of data stored and transferred. Data and bandwidth usage play a crucial role in determining the pricing structure.

Project scalability

Organisations should evaluate how pricing is scaled based on the number of users, project complexity, project size, or other relevant factors. They should determine whether the pricing structure aligns with their organisational growth and scalability requirements. Also, PMs should check if there are limitations in terms of scalability.

project scalability
Intergration costs

Integration costs

If companies require the integration of Primavera P6 Cloud with third-party applications, integration costs should be assessed. This includes evaluating potential fees for integration service, middleware, or additional solutions required to connect Primavera P6 with existing construction project management and information systems.

Support services

Primavera P6 Cloud price is also dependent on the vendor that provides the software and the support services they offer. If a construction company requires extensive implementation, training and consultation services to make the most of their Primavera P6 Cloud instance, they will have to incur extra costs in addition to the base price.

Support services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different tiers to Primavera P6 cloud price based on the features implemented?

Yes, Primavera P6 Cloud pricing differs with varying levels of features and functionality. Organisations should choose a plan that aligns with their budget constraints and project management requirements.

Are there additional costs for support and maintenance that could influence Primavera P6 cloud price?

Yes, there may be additional costs for ongoing support and maintenance. Construction companies should understand the terms of support, response times, and whether support is included in the base price or requires an extra fee.

Are there hidden costs with Primavera P6 cloud pricing that I should be aware of?

At Compass Consult, our pricing for Primavera P6 Cloud is entirely transparent. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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