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Discover how project coordinators and managers can leverage EVM to improve project performance.

How can you improve project management with EVM?

The Earned Value Management system is a popular project management methodology to assess the feasibility of a project's performance in terms of cost, schedule, and scope.

It provides a systematic and objective way to measure and track project progress, allowing project managers and stakeholders to evaluate the project’s status and make informed decisions.

EVM is especially beneficial for industries that focus on large-scale operations such as construction, energy and utilities sectors, where complex projects with significant cost and schedule implications are prevalent.

What are the benefits of earned value management?  

Early identification of issues

Early identification of issues

While project managers or coordinators may carefully lay out a project pipeline to ensure timely delivery, it is also important to tackle challenges that may halt project development. Through implementing EVM processes, project managers can identify inconsistencies, such as the earned value (EV) significantly lagging behind planned value (PV), that give early warning signs of task delays or cost overruns.

Data-driven actionable insights

By implementing EVM processes, project stakeholders can gain valuable insights that inform their decisions to improve the entire project management pipeline, helping optimise their resource allocation, risk management and project priorities. When these insights are leveraged during planning, project stakeholders can come up with better project management strategies throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Data-driven actionable insights
Better cost and schedule control

Better cost and schedule control

In reference to cost control, EVM provides an early overview of the differences between the planned cost versus the actual cost at any stage of the project. This helps project managers to identify cost overruns and take corrective actions. In addition, project managers can identify schedule slippages and make amendments to avoid instances of earned value significantly lagging behind the planned value.

Better performance tracking and measurement

When it comes to determining the potential figures of a project, EVM provides a quantifiable measurement of a project’s performance. This enables project managers and stakeholders to track and identify any discrepancies in the project management cost and schedule, which influences the on-time and efficient completion of the project. Knowing these figures can help decision-makers take corrective measures.

Better performance tracking and measurement

Ensure on-time and seamless project delivery

At Compass Consult, we support project-oriented organisations in adopting new methods and the latest technologies such as EVM to improve their project management processes and boost ROI.

We also provide Earned Value Management system to help organisations extract the maximum out of their project management tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is EVM important in project management?

EVM is an essential backbone in project management as it helps project managers determine the health of the project, identify possible risks and liabilities, as well as use data-driven decisions to improve the project performance. The end goal of EVM is to enable project managers to improve their control over cost, schedule, and scope.

What are the key components of EVM?

The three key components of EVM are planned value (PV), earned value (EV), and actual cost. These components play a pivotal role in calculating metrics such as cost performance index (CPI) and schedule performance index.

How does EVM help in risk management?

EVM gives an early overview of how a project is going to pan out. This gives project managers the flexibility and opportunities to address potential issues that could affect project costs, schedule, or scope.

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