Why do you need a project management consulting partner?

Discover how a project management consulting partner can help optimise your projects for better ROI, efficient resource utilisation and, ultimately, success.

Ensure project success by partnering with a project management consultant

Professionals in the project management space are always looking for a competitive advantage when executing time-sensitive projects. Despite this, nearly 33% of projects fail or underperform and one of the main reasons for this is underutilised industry best practices.

This is where a project management consulting partner can add significant value to your project management process. They can help you manage key project functions that control costs and allow you to stay engaged in the project without putting any unnecessary burden on your team.

Working with a consulting service gives you the ability to focus on your project while a team of consultants offers their expertise to drive compliance, continual improvement, reduce risks and faster project delivery through the use of cutting-edge PMO tools.

What are the benefits of working with a project management consultant

Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge and Experience

One major advantage of working with project management consultants is the invaluable knowledge they bring to the project. They are dedicated to implementing advanced project management techniques and providing services such as project controls consultancy for your unique project needs.

External Perspective

Consulting services will have in-depth knowledge about how other businesses in the project management space are accomplishing their goals. They will also be able to help you take advantage of alternative project management solutions that you may be unaware of.

External Perspective
Minimised Risk

Minimised Risk

With consulting services taking on the responsibility of classifying and executing project strategies using their expertise and skills, companies can expect reduced risks as consultants are able to understand and offer guidance on a number of project components

Dedicated Focus

Everyone in a project has their own roles and responsibilities they need to adhere to and fulfil on a strict schedule in order to meet project deadlines. With a PMO consulting service, teams can focus on their tasks while consultants facilitate better project performance.

Dedicated Focus

Secure tangible outcomes for your projects

At Compass Consult, we help project-oriented organisations adopt new methods and the latest technologies. Our team of experienced project controllers are capable of delivering project outcomes safely while helping you increase profits and ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can an organisation choose a project management consultancy?

When selecting project management consultants, organisations should evaluate their experience and expertise in the specific industry the organisation operates in and the breadth of the service they provide. Some project management consultants help implement project management software and provide training services.

Can project management consultants help with change management?

Yes, they often specialise in change management and can assist organisations in communicating changes in projects to relevant stakeholders effectively and efficiently. They can also help manage resistance to change and facilitate a smooth transition to new processes.

How do project management consultants assist with Earned Value Management (EVM)?

They help organisations navigate the integration of EVM tools, provide training to interpret EVM metrics and take timely corrective actions to tackle variances. Project management consultants can further help with forecasting project trends, assessing risks, and communicating transparently.

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