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Why is Primavera Risk Analysis training important for your workforce?

Conducting a thorough risk analysis is imperative before starting a new project to identify possible risks involved at every stage.

Every project has its own set of risks. However, early detection and prevention can help minimise project management issues that could result in schedule delays, cost overruns or the project coming to a halt.

A project risk management tool like Primavera Risk Analysis can help you analyse these risks, measure their impacts and provide insights you need to create action plans to minimise risks. However, you need to stay updated about the popular risk management software to manage project risks more efficiently—this is where Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis Training becomes important. 

With proper training, you can gain practical skills on how to navigate the various functionalities of the Primavera software that was designed to minimise project risks.

Benefits of Primavera Risk Analysis training

manage project schedules

It helps learn how to create and manage project schedules

Before you start implementing action items for a project, you need to know how to create a schedule that addresses the entire project pipeline. With training, you can learn how to define tasks, create a balanced workflow sequence (dependencies), and how allocate resources effectively.

It helps conduct a sensitivity, cost and schedule risk analysis

Enrolling in risk analysis training helps you determine which risks will have the biggest impact on your project outcomes. Cost and schedule risk analysis are important to avoid issues such as an insufficient or surplus budget allocation, as well as complete tasks within the set deadlines.

optimise resource allocation
Better cost and schedule control

It can help you learn how to optimise resource allocation

Expert-led training will guide your project management teams on how to allocate resources effectively, including manpower or project management tools, so that it does not burden employees by exceeding their workload capacity or overrunning project schedules due to insufficient resources.

It can help you develop a risk response and mitigation plan

Once possible project risks are detected, it’s time to implement measures to prevent them. Primavera training will help your teams gain the knowledge they need to create response and mitigation plans to analyse the potential consequences and avoid unfavourable project outcomes.

Knowledge and Experience

Invest in Oracle Primavera training to boost project outcomes

At Compass Consult, we offer expert-led training services that help organisations use industry-leading project risk management tools like Primavera Risk Analysis.

Our training programmes are tailored to the specific needs of each participant to ensure everyone gets the chance to master Oracle’s project management tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Primavera Risk Analysis?

Primavera Risk Analysis is a software that helps you manage risks and uncertainties in your projects or programs. It helps you find, rank, and deal with possible problems and chances that may affect your project goals, such as time, cost, quality, and scope. It also lets you do a numerical analysis using a Monte Carlo simulation method, which makes different situations for your project plan and budget based on the chance and effect of the risks.

Who should I get in touch with to facilitate this training?

It is highly recommended that you contact an Oracle-certified training partner to ensure relevant and up-to-date knowledge about Primavera for risk analysis.

Can I request customised training for my organisation?

Yes. We offer customised training programmes that are tailored to the needs of your organisation. Our expert trainers will understand the skill level of your team in using Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis and create a personalised training programme.

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