Optimise your project outcomes by choosing the right Primavera P6 scheduling training programme

Learn how to choose the right Primavera P6 scheduling training programme for your workforce to streamline your project management operations.  

Why is it important to choose the right scheduling training programme?

Investing in Primavera P6 is a move in the right direction for construction businesses to optimise their project success. The platform contains many features that help simplify and streamline project management workflows to deliver optimal results for businesses in the construction industry.

Prioritising the scheduling plan is one thing that a project team should always stay on top of when carrying out a project. This aspect of project management is important as it helps the project team execute project requirements within the allocated budget and deadlines.

Remember, a project can be unsuccessful if a team is inexperienced with Primavera P6. This is why you should consider enrolling your team in a scheduling training session to help them get the most out of the Primavera P6 platform.

With proper training, your workforce can gain the practical skills to set up a project schedule that aligns with your business goals and objectives, and help you achieve project outcomes without experiencing cost overruns or extending deadlines

Top factors to consider when choosing the right Primavera P6 scheduling training programme



Hiring a reputed training provider will increase the chances of your team gaining more knowledge and skills on how to execute project schedules that meet specific project goals. Look online for reviews of their training services, collect testimonials from past clients, and inquire about their achievements or track record in providing effective Primavera P6 training.


Look out for instructors with an impressive track record. Hiring an experienced instructor will provide more than sufficient grounds for training so that your team can navigate the Primavera P6 platform effectively. These instructors can also provide ongoing support so that your workforce can learn how to troubleshoot and fix scheduling issues promptly and efficiently.

The course content

The course content

Before you choose a scheduling training programme, it would be wise to research the course content and curriculum that a training provider offers. How in-depth and comprehensive is their Primavera P6 course syllabus and curriculum? Does it meet your organisation’s expectations? How much knowledge can your workforce acquire to help them plan and manage their project schedules?

Experiential learning opportunities

In addition to the theoretical knowledge that can be acquired, inquire if there are any hands-on activities provided by the training provider. Ask Oracle-certified training partners if they provide practical and real-world simulation activities for your project teams to learn on the spot before they move on to utilising Primavera P6 to schedule projects optimally.

Experiential learning opportunities
Alignment with your business goals

Alignment with your business goals

Check if the scheduling training programme offered aligns with your business goals and objectives. Inquire about different training providers on how their training programmes can help improve project management efficiency, enhance team collaboration, manage project management risks, and achieve specific project outcomes. Use the answers to choose the right training provider.

Invest in Oracle Primavera P6 training to enhance project scheduling

At Compass Consult, we offer expert-led training services that help organisations use industry-leading project scheduling tools such as Primavera P6.

Our training programmes are tailored to the specific needs of each participant to ensure your team gets the chance to master Oracle’s project management tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s covered in a Primavera P6 scheduling training programme?

While the course content will depend on the training provider you select, most programmes will cover the basics of leveraging Primavera P6 for project scheduling. More reputed providers will offer more advanced training to help your team master project scheduling with Primavera P6.

Who is this scheduling training programme for?

This Primavera training programme caters to a wide range of project professionals, including project managers, project controllers, project executives, project engineers, project planners, project schedulers, and other project team members. 

What’s the delivery format available for the training programme?

This programme is available in various formats, such as physical classroom training, virtual training, on-demand online courses or a blended programme that comprises both in-person and live virtual training sessions.  

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