Has technology changed the role of a construction project manager?

Discover how technology has changed the way project managers plan, execute, and manage construction projects.

How has technology changed the role of a construction project manager?

Before construction project management software grew in popularity, project managers and their teams relied on traditional project management methods, which were not only labour-intensive, time-consuming, and tedious but also led to processing errors and inaccurate project plans.

However, with construction program management software, project managers can simplify and streamline project management, giving them more flexibility to explore and implement modern project management methods and improve project success rates.

5 ways in which technology has made the job of a construction project manager easier


It has improved communication and collaboration

One of the most pressing issues previously, miscommunication has been significantly reduced by leveraging collaborative features in construction project management software. Any changes to project plans and schedules are reflected in real-time and accessible anytime, anywhere for team members, subcontractors, and stakeholders. This facilitates better coordination and information sharing.

It can produce more accurate cost estimates and budgeting

When construction project management software is integrated with finance or accounting software, project managers can use these integrations to come up with more accurate budget forecasts and cost estimates. This can help project managers and their team members track and monitor their project expenses and reduce unnecessary budget spending more effectively, reducing the risk of cost overruns.

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It enables better scheduling and time management

Construction project management software such as Oracle Primavera enables project managers and project team members to manage the time required to complete a certain stage of a project more effectively. By using the scheduling and time management features of these project management tools, project managers can take into consideration various factors such as resource and manpower allocation and plan accordingly.

It helps project managers enhance safety and risks more effectively

With the availability of construction project management software, project managers can utilise the safety features of the platform to implement better safety protocols, incident response plans, and compliance procedures to minimise possible project management risks. This helps project managers reduce the probability of unforeseen accidents or injuries through enhanced safety management protocols.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can project scheduling and planning be improved with construction project management software?

Team members can automate scheduling processes, create Gantt charts, allocate resources efficiently, and make adjustments based on real-time data using project management software.

How to find the right construction project management software?

You need to consider factors such as specific project needs, scalability features, team preferences, and integration capabilities before making the final decision.

Why should project managers and project team members undergo training?

Expert-led project management training can boost the proficiency of project teams, increasing project success rates. For comprehensive onboarding and continuous support related to Oracle Primavera, consider connecting with Oracle-certified providers.

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