Benefits of investing in Aconex construction management software from Oracle

Explore the perks that your construction project team can gain with this comprehensive platform for project lifecycle process management.

Why invest in construction management software

Australia’s construction industry is booming, with a projected annual growth rate of 2.8% between 2025 and 2028. That said, this growth brings its own sets of challenges. Disjointed communication, inefficient workflows, and budgetary constraints often slow down or disrupt the flow of a construction project. This can lead to costly delays and rework.

Research has shown that 60% of construction companies have attributed poor collaboration and coordination between project team members and issues with the quality of contract documents as the key contributors to decreased labour productivity.

Another study revealed that 2% to 20% of the total construction project costs were spent on rework, which hurts project schedules and spending. 52% of rework on a construction project has been attributed to poor project data and miscommunication.

Modern-day construction is highly competitive, meaning that construction project teams cannot afford to deviate too far from the original project baseline, as this can affect their ability to retain clients in the future. To help them overcome common construction project management challenges, they should turn to Oracle’s Aconex construction management platform.

What are the benefits that this comprehensive software offers? Let’s explore this in greater detail.

Benefits of investing in Aconex construction management software

Planned value (PV)

Enhanced collaboration by overcoming barriers

Connecting teams and optimising access can eliminate all barriers to seamless project-wide collaboration. Aconex fosters this by centralising models, documents, and communication. Users of this platform, from architects to contractors, can share and review 3D models in real time. This transparency streamlines decision-making and reduces delays, leading to successful project outcomes.

Improved project efficiency with greater flexibility

Aconex software fosters collaboration, streamlines workflows, and reduces rework with its highly flexible process management engine, all leading to significant gains in project efficiency. With the help of this platform, project managers and their team members can deliver projects on time and within budget, ensuring client satisfaction and a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

Simplified model coordination to optimise workflows

This software is effective in eliminating data silos and outdated models for seamless end-to-end construction process management. It creates a central hub for a project’s 3D models. Everyone works from the latest version, eliminating the need for multiple copies scattered across different software. Its user-friendly interface also helps project teams adapt quickly to this software.

Reduced rework for maximum returns on investment

Aconex’s mobile app empowers teams to access real-time models and data regardless of location. Construction professionals can access plans, MEP layouts, and structural details directly on their mobile devices. This facilitates quicker decision-making, and real-time issue identification and reporting, keeping projects on track while minimising costly reworks to deliver maximum ROI.

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At Compass Consult, we are committed to helping project management teams in the construction industry improve their approach to construction management, to ensure optimal project outcomes.

With our Oracle Aconex software implementation services, expert consultants, and your best interests at heart, we can help you manage your construction projects seamlessly, regardless of how complex your portfolio of projects is.  

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Does Aconex construction management software require extensive training for new users?

No, Aconex boasts a user-friendly interface, minimising training time and allowing project teams to get started quickly, regardless of their prior BIM software experience.

What is the return on investment (ROI) for using Aconex construction management software?

By improving collaboration, reducing rework, and streamlining workflows, Aconex software can lead to significant cost savings, improved project efficiency, and increased profitability.

Is Aconex software suitable for small construction projects?

Yes. Aconex is scalable and can be adapted to projects of all sizes. Its benefits can be especially valuable in streamlining communication and data management for smaller teams.

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