Primavera P6 pricing: A comprehensive guide to choosing the right plan

Explore the various pricing plans for Primavera P6 and determine which version is the right plan for your construction company.

Primavera P6 pricing: Why is it important to choose the right plan?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, project management software plays a crucial role in helping project teams, especially those from construction companies, fulfil high-quality project deliverables on time for their clients.

In general, companies that implement project management practices save up to 28 times more on project costs than companies that do not have project management practices in place. That said, according to research by Wellingtone in 2020, only 23% of companies used project management software. While around 67% of projects by companies that undervalue project management as an essential element for driving change resulted in underperformance.

For project planners, project managers, schedulers, and project stakeholders to gain unparalleled control of their construction projects, they should turn to Primavera P6 software by Oracle. Though renowned for its usefulness in large-scale projects, Primavera P6 has been designed to handle projects of any size and complexity exceptionally well across every industry.

For construction companies to make the most of their Primavera P6 software investment, it is important for them to access the differences that each software version has to offer, together with their respective pricing plans.

Knowing this would give them a complete overview of what various Primavera P6 plans can bring to the table, which facilitates their decision-making of choosing the version of the software that is most practical for their business needs.

Primavera P6 pricing: What you should know about the different packages

Project Portfolio Management

Oracle Primavera P6 Project Portfolio Management

Primavera P6 Professional is tailored for managing expansive construction endeavours, offering robust capabilities for intricate and large-scale projects. With this desktop-based software, users gain access to an extensive array of features ideal for handling multifaceted tasks efficiently. Primavera P6 Professional costs AU$ 5,280 to purchase and an annual software maintenance fee of AU$ 1,162, bringing the total software costs to AU$ 6,442.

Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM

Primavera P6 EPPM is the cloud-based version of Primavera P6, providing unparalleled flexibility for remote or on-premise access, ideal for accommodating the needs of large-scale projects or expansive companies. EPPM offers an extensive array of features tailored to meet complex project requirements effectively. It costs AU$ 5,775 to purchase software licensing and an annual maintenance fee of AU$ 1,271, bringing the total cost to AU$ 7,046.

Primavera P6 EPPM
Primavera Cloud

Oracle Primavera Cloud

Oracle Primavera Cloud, prioritises project, programme, and portfolio management, catering to diverse organisational needs. This cloud-based solution offers heightened agility and accessibility compared to traditional desktop versions, enabling faster project delivery and enhanced collaboration. The licence plans vary depending on the type of services offered, which range from AU$ 211 per user per year to AU$ 3,883 per user per year.

Please note that these are listed retail prices at the time of writing, and they may be subject to change based on market conditions. Should you wish to request a special discount on these packages, please get in touch with us at Compass Consult.

Compass Consult can help you make the right choice of Primavera P6 software

At Compass Consult, we’re committed to helping construction companies streamline their project management processes using the latest technologies and solutions like Oracle Primavera.

We also offer expert-led training to assist project teams in ensuring project success and maximising returns. Contact us today and learn more about the Primavera P6 software and details on pricing. Our experts will help you improve your construction project outcomes by advising on the right Primavera P6 software that suits your project requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing a Primavera P6 pricing plan for my construction company?

You should consider the following factors:

  • Consider the size and complexity of your projects
  • Evaluate the number of users who will require access to the software
  • Assess your budget constraints and cost considerations
  • Determine your organisation’s specific needs for features and functionalities
  • Consider the scalability and flexibility of the pricing plan to accommodate future growth

Can I customise my Primavera P6 plans to suit my business needs?

Yes, Oracle often offers customisable pricing options to accommodate the unique requirements of different organisations. You can work with an Oracle sales representative to tailor a pricing plan that aligns with your company’s specific needs, budget, and growth objectives.

How can I ensure that I choose the right Primavera P6 pricing plan for my construction company?

You should conduct a thorough assessment of your organisation’s requirements, including project size, team size, budget, and desired features. Take advantage of demos, trials, and consultations offered by Oracle to explore the functionality and suitability of different pricing plans.

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