“Revit for the WIN!!!”

“What I would say the best part about Revit is the ability to be able to work with all parties on the project at the same time. This increases efficiencies and prevents potential rework due to out-of-date drawings. Getting instant feedback on the design by simply being able to see how different aspects integrate with each other allows for better design decisions much earlier in the process which in turn saves time and money.”

Revit for Building Information Modelling

Revit provides a variety of opportunities for Architects and Designers to focus on the design and let the power of Revit to streamline the documentation.

Revit can smoothly Import different CAD files from other tools and is also the most reliable product for construction projects visualization.

  • Integrated Designing Platform
  • Clash Detection and Analysis
  • Automatic Schedules and Reports

Unique Benefits and Advantages of Revit

Revit features a vast number of tools / features and continues to promote collaboration between different trades.

If you are used to having different drawing software for 3D modeling, rendering and animations, consider that Revit has the capacity and versatility to perform all this in one single tool.

  • Extend Revit functionality with API access
  • Exhaustive Content Library
  • Interoperability and IFC

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    One platform for all process

    “You can get all the schedules within no time. You just have to build your highly detailed 3d model and rest is automatically generated. Now, the integration of the analytical software within Revit itself, like Daylight and Energy Analysis is just one touch away. Above all, Revit also allows us to make structural analysis and provides a detailed report based on ASHRAE requirements. The inbuilt Dynamo plugin allows creating parametric designs and optimisation process so easy and within the Revit interface”

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