Benefits of Clash Detection Services

  1. Identify the design interference before the construction process.
  2. Clash detection report helps in better team collaboration between architects, structure engineers, MEP engineers, contractors and building owners.
  3. It reduces the risk of human errors- thus reducing the amount of changes during construction process.
  4. Achieving accurate design before the construction process can save a lot of money, time and resources.

Our Key Deliverables

Clash Report Generation
Provide a clash report dashboard covering soft & hard clashes and showing progress made over the time for a gatekeeper meeting

Soft & Hard Clash Detection
Identify and resolve soft & hard clashes within each discipline/trade that were unidentified during the individual design of each discipline

Critical, Moderate & Low Clash Detection
Identify the clashes in the 3D design that are divided into three categories depending on the importance of the design and construction project where “C” refers to Criticality – Low (C1), Moderate (C2), Critical (C3).

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